Who is Dodi Gioielli

Hello and welcome! I am Stefano Cimarelli, owner of Dodi Gioielli.

Dodi Gioielli creates bijoux using mainly natural semi-precious stones of different shapes and colors, coral, freshwater pearls and other quality materials. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants handmade in Italy to wear every day.

The idea of creating Dodi Gioielli comes from a great passion for handmade jewelry. The exclusive and original creations are the result of a constant search for styles and materials.

Not having a physical store, purchases can only be made online on this site.

Dodi Gioielli is also present with an online store on Etsy.com (DodiJewels), eBay.it (Dodi Gioielli), Amazon.it Handmade (DodiGioielli), Amazon.co.uk Handmade (DodiGioielli), Amazon.de Handmade (DodiGioielli), Amazon.fr Handmade (DodiGioielli) and Amazon.es Handmade (DodiGioielli). A 100% positive feedback / review is certified in these markets.

Where is Dodi Gioielli


Dodi Gioielli is located in the Marche region of Italy. All shipments start from here, with a fast and professional service, which guarantees the customer with the "satisfaction or money back" formula.